mischief wins the war

Me and my sister at moms birthday dinner on Sunday

Me and my sister at moms birthday dinner on Sunday

His detective song was enough to get me to hire him

Anonymous asked: Hi! I'm getting a pixie cut this summer, and I want dye it right before I go back to school. Issue is, my school doesnt allow 'unnatural' hair colours. Do you have any ideas for a interesting play on natural colours? It's fine to have different ones together or even incredibly light colours. Thank you!


Well that’s kind of a tough one. I suppose dark, dark natural colors to me have always been more unique, or very light, light colors too. Personally, I would go with something like strawberry blonde, or a light red tone. That’s just me, personally, saying what colors stand out, but in the end, it’s totally up to you! Maybe consider the normal colors of hair in your school then pick a natural that relaly stands out? 

My boss doesn’t allow for “unnatural colors” so at first I had it white now it’s a silvery color

You know what encourages sex? Alcohol, hotness, black music

—Mindy Lahiri